A powerful distribution network including


  • ​An Automated  Lead Generation, Marketing, and Sales Platform
  • ​Advertise your home in front of  millions of buyers on professional portals like Zoopla, Right Move, Prime Location and our Distribution Network of 15 more channels  
  • Expert Estate Agency Support


BONUS # 1 - FREE Video Maker App
BONUS # 2 - FREE Graphic Design App
BONUS # 3 - FREE Forms and Cheat Sheets
  We've done All the Heavy Lifting For You 
  • ​Property Valuation
  • ​Copywriting (property description)
  • ​Your Own Photos
  • ​Your Own Photos (we professionally enhance them)
  • ​Our Professional Photographer
  • ​Video /360 Degree
  • Floor Plan (2D)
  • Floor Plan (3D)
  • EPC
  • For Sale Sign Board
  • ​Open House Assistance
  • ​Completion assistance
  • ​How to create property offers that sells! (audio book)
  • ​The guide to a successful Open House to sell your home.
  • ​30 days Offer promise guaranteed 
  • Broadcast Super Boost - is the Broadcast with premium listing in publications like the Evening standards and relevant local press

You Book 

We Build Your Platform

We Launch  And Advertise 

Attract More Buyers 

Get A Sold Sign

No Fuss.  Zero % Commission and definitely No Commiseration. 
There are a few things you want to consider if you are looking to sell your property and get the best result possible without hiring a traditional estate agent.

What matters the most to you when you are ready to sell your property? TIME, MONEY, PEACE OF MIND, GROWTH ?

Whatever it is, if you want to sell, you need to have Buyers (eager, willing and able buyers). 

Back in the days, It used to be much harder and costlier for homeowners to find and connect with buyers themselves. 

You needed to hire an estate agent.

Today, things are a lot different. 
Thanks to the internet, most Buyers are online and pro active in their quest for a home.

Estate agents no longer have the quasi monopoly on buyers leads.

So, as a homeowner, you will want to put all the chances on your side to achieve your objectives. 

The Secret? The internet.

Let's look at the facts.

Fact 1 - You need buyers to sell your home. 
Fact 2 - Most Buyers search online before doing anything else.
Fact 3 - New technology and automation make it much easier and less costly to go online to attract buyers and conduct the sale process.
Fact 4 - Automation and advanced technology make it easier to free up your time and focus on what matter the most.

Active Seller is about giving you the toolsknowledge, and strategy to help you sell your home at a price and terms that will put a BIG smile on your face.
  • ​ Advertise your property on professional portals like Zoopla, Prime Location or Right Move 
  • ​Advertising Period
45 days
180 days
365  days
  • ​Fully Hosted, robust and secure
  • ​Build for mobile usage and SEO
  • ​Social media share enabled
  • ​Online support
  • ​Weekly activity report
  • Free Access to Property Insider Training Area for members
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Buyers sent automatically to you
Active Seller is ideal for homeowners and landowners looking to sell their properties at the best price possible without paying huge fees or commissions.
 light pack
No set up fee, no tied in contract.
  • Fully hosted, mobile friendly, social media ready and search engine optimised marketing sand sales funnel website. Live until sold.
  • Advertising Token 45 days
  • Advertise and broadcast your property to millions of buyers on professional property portals like Zoopla or Right Move
  • Full Activity report
  • Online support
  • Sales Campaign Manager
 Silver Pack
No set up fee, no tied in contract.
  • Fully hosted, mobile friendly, social media ready and search engine optimised marketing sand sales funnel website. Live until sold.
  • Advertising Token 180 days
  • Advertise and broadcast your property to millions of buyers on professional property portals like Zoopla or Right Move
  • Full Activity report
  • Online support
  • Sales Campaign Manager
Gold Pack
No set up fee, no tied in contract.
  • Fully hosted, mobile friendly, social media ready and search engine optimised marketing sand sales funnel website. Live until sold.
  • Advertising Token 365 days
  • Advertise and broadcast your property to millions of buyers on professional property portals like Zoopla or Right Move
  • Free Access to the Active Seller Online Companion guide for members
  • Full Activity report
  • Online support
  • Sales Campaign Manager
Supported by a powerful technology, ACTIVE SELLER lets you Design, Build and Broadcast your home for sale just like the Real estate professionals that charge you these astronomical fees do.

- The Powerful Real Estate Marketing and Sales Solution designed for private sellers. 
Read what people are saying 
Tom Talbot
Property owner- London
"Wow! What a refreshing experience. I sold my flat in record time. The team at Active Seller is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The Silver pack gave me exactly what I wanted. With their service guaranty I knew that I had to try them out. I signed up. 2 days for me to supply content, 1 hour to put it all together before launch. 10 days marketing and promotion. 1 open house. 12 viewings. 2 offers. 1 accepted. Deal completed. I am proud to be a "Bonafide Active Seller". 
Highly recommended!"
Alex Gatien
Home Owner- Hertfordshire 
"When we were considering selling our home, like most people, we wanted to use the estate agent route. That was until I saw a post on Facebook about a webinar entitled: How  to sell your home faster without hiring an estate agent (even if you have zero tech or marketing experience). It was free so I signed up to join. I walked away convinced that this was for us. We signed up for the Silver and enrolled for the Insider Course. The irresistible sales offer strategy is a gold mine. It was an all around positive experience. The campaign launched as scheduled and we started to get inquiries sent to our email box within a few days. It took us 2 open houses and a couple more private viewings to get to an offer. It was a good one and we've accepted. The legal team is currently handling the completion. Thank you. 
Melanie Barnes 
Property owner- London
I loved the website and the automated tools. I used it to send my listing to all my connections and invited them to share it as well with the social media buttons. Easy and really useful. I believe we were on Zoopla as well and I received some inquiries which was great as a back up option. The couple who ended up buying my flat actually came from a referral in my network. I believe that without the Active Seller Pro website, it would have been much more difficult for me. Oh by the way, I booked the Silver Pack. 
Market and Sale Your Property The Easy & Efficient Way With 
Active Seller 
ACTIVE SELLER is a powerful application that comes fully hosted and packed with the latest technology  with Easy to follow Marketing and Sales strategies to help property owners market and sell their properties in a crowded marketplace and achieve resounding success.

When you deploy Active Seller to work for you, you will have the same winning tools and system used by multi million dollar companies right now.

There is No sole agency commitment . No percentage based commissions. No Sales based fee.

You Only invest in a monthly full license rights to use the Active Seller application.
Our powerful and easy to use cloud hosted application is designed to help private sellers emulate and better the performance of established real estate agents.

Private sellers can market and sell their properties themselves with ease, comfort and control using the best technology and the most relevant strategy that work today.

You will be pleasantly surprised to realize how easy you can set up and run your campaign to sell your property.
You will Save thousands on commissions, hundreds in fees and still Sell without stress. 
Enjoy Old Fashioned Real Estate Marketing and Sales strategies with the Best Proven Technologies Available In Today's Marketplace to Sell Your Property without hassle.
Whether you own a single family dwelling or a multi units development that you want to sell, You will be pleasantly surprised to realize how easy you can set up and run your campaign to sell your property. 
You will Save thousands on commissions, hundreds in fees and still Sell without stress. 
How long will it take to sell my property with active seller 
on average, if you follow our marketing and sales strategy, you should not be surprised to receive an offer within the first 28 days after the launch of your campaign
How quick can I get the property on the market with active seller?
your Active Seller campaign can be live to start generating interest for the sale in a very short period. As soon as we get all the creative and sales pack ready i.e. photography, description, floor plan, EPC etc, you will begin to see the power of our system and advertising distribution network.
What can active seller do for me?
Active Seller takes away the stress, hassle and huge cost attached to the sale of your property. 
Active Seller is like a turnkey solution to market your property and sell in a fast, efficient, and cost saving way. 
What packages do you offer?
Active Seller gives you 4 packaged options with core essential marketing and sales capabilities. with the flexibility of adding additional bespoke services to suit your preference.  
Where do you advertise?
We promote and market your property to a huge distribution network online that includes Zoopla, Right move, Prime location, Google Network, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Youtube and over a hundred other niche property portals. The Active Seller brand also have a local and national press campaign online, offline and on radio stations.    
What is the Active Seller sales page?
The Active Seller sales page is a webpage specifically designed to market and sale your property in a competitive economy. It is designed to eliminate distractions, attract interest, capture leads, take appointment bookings, and follow up with interested buyers and more. Here is an example.  or Check out this one
What payment methods do you except?
We accept all types of payments: credit card, visa, solo, bank transfer, bankers draft, and cheque. 
*Please read our terms and conditions statement before making a booking.
Do you offer any guarantees?
Active Seller come with an iron clad satisfaction guarantee. 

When do I pay?
You pay your Active Seller fee package as soon as you decide which one is better suited to your needs
How do I arrange a valuation?
Your valuation can be arranged simply by clicking Property Valuation Booking Appointment. It is an important and Free service provided to every Active Seller.

What package would you recommend?
All our packages are designed to help you sell the fast, efficient, and cost saving way. Between the Light, Silver and Gold packages, the only difference is your personal time investment. The more you are hands on, the cheaper you’ll pay.  
If you want us to handle everything for you, our Gold package should serve you well.

How does open house viewings work?
An open house is a sale strategy that deliver tremendous results when well rolled out. It’s a promoted event designed to show case your property and maximise your appeal to the most interested (usually prequalified) buyers. You can upgrade for our Hosted Open House Service if you want us to organize this for you. Alternatively, you can simply watch the training video provided in your member’s area where you can learn how to set one up yourself like a pro.

Who carries out the viewings?
It is either yourself or one of appointed agent if you upgrade to add the service or if you have a Gold package.

How much for a Sale Board?
The for-sale sign board is already included in our Gold package. If you want one installed, it can be added to your order for £60 and scheduled for installation and removal after the sale of your property. Our advertising boards are barcoded for digital marketing purpose and linked directly to your Sales page 
Who arranges the viewings?
As an Active Seller, you have full access to the communication system that keeps you on top of your sales objectives. You automatically receive viewings appointment alerts via Email and/or on your mobile. If you opted for the Bronze package, then you can manage and confirm the viewings yourself. Don’t worry if you have never done this before. You can quickly learn the tips for conducting a viewing and handle this yourself like a pro. Watch the training video provided in your member’s area. It can be fun and rewarding with practice.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?
Absolutely not. Active Seller is like a Service as a Software company offering a full suite of digital marketing and advertising solutions to help you sell your property the fast, efficient, and cost saving way. 
What is the role of the dedicated Sales Manager?
The dedicated Sales Manager role is to take away the burden of the sale from you. Your manager will be responsible for bringing the deal to completion.

Can I rearrange viewings?
Yes, it is your right to do so. We understand that sometimes, plans do change. However, we recommended to avoid doing it as much as you can. There are various reasons to this with one of them being the purchase experience from a buyer’s perspective. Imagine you being a ready, willing, and able buyer that makes all the necessary arrangements to go a view a property, then being asked to cancel and reschedule. How would you feel about the buying experience with this seller?
When does the buyers surveyor attend?
The surveyor will attend your property as soon as the appointment is confirmed. Only access to your property will be required if you have a Gold Active Seller package. 
Are there any extra charges?
Besides the various add-ons you may choose to add to your purchase, there are no hidden charges with Active Seller. Our Gold package is a complete solution that comes with some protection and guarantees until sold. 
How long am I tied in till with Active Seller?
You are never tied in with Active Seller. Pay as you go and enjoy all the benefits that comes with selling your property through Active Seller. 
Can I also use a High Street estate agent?
Yes, you can because you are not tied in but why would you want to do that?
How safe is my personal data? Do you share with info with third party?
We have extremely high standard when it comes to protecting your data and privacy. Although enforcement date is not until 25May 2018 - We have taken all the necessary steps to be GDPR compliant.  
Your details will only be shared with third parties involved in the set-up campaign and launch of the sale of your property. Valuation agent, Photographer, Viewing agent, Floor plan designer,
I live outside the UK can I still use active seller?
Yes, you can. However, some of our core services offer will be delivered on a case by case basis. 
Do I need an EPC?
As of 9 January 2013, all advertisements for either selling or renting property must clearly show the energy rating of the building. This includes advertisement in newspapers, magazines, and any written material produced by the seller or agents, and on the internet. 
Once your booking is validated, you will be given access to our FREE property management portal enabling you to track progress of inspections in real time, download certificates and much more….